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Welcome to SportsVet Animal Medical Center
Your Veterinarian in Savoy, IL
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1Complete Veterinary Care for Dogs & Cats conveniently located in Savoy, IL (near South Champaign and Urbana, IL)

SportsVet Animal Medical Center is a full-service veterinary hospital serving pets through all stages of life, from the youngest puppy or kitten to your loyal senior companion. Our uniquely personal service is dedicated to improving the quality of life for pets and to strengthening the human–animal bond.

Extraordinary Veterinary Services

The professionals of SportsVet Animal Medical Center focus on extraordinary pet health care. Our comprehensive and compassionate approach includes the following services:

SportsVet Animal Medical Center: Where Extra Is Ordinary!

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Feedback from our clients

  • "SportsVet Animal Medical Center was the best vet I have ever had. I live in Minneapolis now and not only are all of the vets very expensive, they do not really seem to care in the same way Dr. Jacobs did."
  • "Dr. Jacobs and his staff are AMAZING. Every time I called, which was often (multiple times a week), they were happy to speak with me. They even sent me video of her during her underwater treadmill therapy. 4.5 years later, while some of her other joints struggle, her knee is perfect."
  • "Dixie had her TPLO surgery on Jan. 10th and went for her first water therapy yesterday. She is doing great. Getting stronger and using her leg more everyday. Everyone at SportsVet is soooo supportive and caring. Thank you again so much!!!!"
  • "I’ve never seen a vet be so caring and compassionate to not only the animals, but the animals owners as well. We think so highly of Dr. Jacobs and his staff that we travel and hour and a half for all our vet needs."